Team Building Creative Thinking Days 

'Creative Thinking Workshops'

For companies and organisations that want to inject new energy into their team, the Creative Thinking Workshops are envigorating and inspiring.

The day long team build gives your team a brief introduction to the Edward De Bono thinking tools and allows them the time to work through existing issues and generate valuable and workable solutions.

The day is fast paced, with team build games and exercises interspersed between constructive thinking sessions using De Bono's tools.


Exercises to uncover your current thinking style and energising tools to help you move towards a dynamic new way of thinking.
New tools to help to manage meetings more effectively and generate valuable ideas on demand.

An energising and inspiring day empowering you to take these simple yet powerful thinking tools back into your organisation & see results!



"This is Learning that can be applied to both daily lives and the work environment”    N.Van Rensburg

"A simple principle that can be easily applied in the work-place” D. Agenbag