Kayos Theory 

In order to unlock ideas of value you first need to break your routine ways of thinking. This can never happen if you keep doing the same things expecting different results. So, a little bit of 'kayos' is required to shift your mindsets in order for lateral and innovate ideas to emerge. Our mission is to provide powerful creative training spaces to empower people to think differently & transform their lives & businesses.

About Us

We are a sister team of experienced, highly qualified creative and lateral thinking trainers and facilitators, specialising in Edward De Bono Thinking Tools.


We offer Six Thinking Hats, Lateral Thinking and Creative Thinking Courses - all aimed at empowering organisations to unlock ideas of value on demand and streamline their meetings and brainstorming sessions.  Contact us now.


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 "We are told never to cross a bridge before we get to it.

But this world is owned by the men and women

who have built bridges in their imaginations far ahead of the crowd"


"This is learning that can be applied to both daily lives
and the work
environment”    N.Van Rensburg

"A simple principle that can be easily applied in the work-place”

D. Agenbag

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